About Us

Why should you choose Kids Cuisine Santé?

  • We focus on top quality, seasonal ingredients.
  • We strive to reduce sodium, sugar and fat.
  • Our healthy meals provide the right balance between nutrition and taste.
  • We are committed to supporting local farmers and food producers.
  • We offer culturally diverse lunch meals that celebrate Canada’s diversity.
  • We accommodate religious needs, diet restrictions and food allergies.
  • Our dietitian-approved meals strictly follow the Ontario government’s School Food and Beverage Policy.
  • We are bilingual in English and French.
  • We offer easy and secure online payment options.

Our mission and values

Need help getting your kids to eat healthy at school? Well, you’re in luck because providing healthy, tasty, nutritious meals and snacks that kids love while making parents’ lives a bit easier, just happens to be our core mission. So let us take the stress out of planning and packing school lunches every day!

Our hot lunch and snack programs are designed with your kids’ nutrition and health in mind. Our very own chef Guy Dongué and his professionally-trained team create dietitian-approved recipes that kids will actually eat, and provide them with important nutrients they need.

Our menus meet school’s nutrition standards and are prepared using top quality, fresh, seasonal ingredients. Our philosophy is simple and straightforward: we want kids to eat more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff so that we can foster lifelong healthy eating habits. That’s why we are committed to reducing sugar, fat and sodium while adding more whole wheat, fruits and vegetables to their menus. As much as possible, we use sustainable, locally-grown, organic ingredients to support local farmers and food producers.

Our school lunch programs are inclusive and offer plenty of healthy lunch options for your little ones. As a catering business operating in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, we offer culturally-diverse meals for kids living in the Greater Toronto Area that embrace Canada’s cultural diversity. We also enjoy celebrating holidays and special occasions, and we accommodate individual allergies, diet restrictions and food preferences.

It takes a kitchen brigade to prepare healthy, delicious school lunches that kids love! From cooks to dieticians, all members of our team have a role in making our meals yummy for your little ones’ tummies.

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